The Investment Ready Program is a 4-month intensive program for impact ventures with a scalable, (proof-of-concept) solution for societal issues. It’s unique for its:

  1. pure impact focus: you will be part of a selected group of impact ventures, and supported by impact-minded experts and investors.
  2. global network: through our network we help you get access to markets around the globe.
  3. customised support: the program is designed for proof of concept stage ventures and offers personalised support.

With proof-of-concept we mean enterprises that are a little beyond start-up phase. This means that the technology, product or solution that you are developing has proven to be (technically) feasible and at least initial market validation (price testing, customer development, trial licensing) has been performed with positive results.

With impact ventures we mean ventures with a scalable product or solution that can help creating a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

We do not take an equity stake in our participants. We make investment and funding available through our impact investment network and committed partners. We will help you build your growth strategy and investment plan and provide opportunities to pitch. You will be fully in charge to leverage those opportunities.

As a participant you will receive support from mentors, experts and guest speakers, while also receiving a lot of invaluable feedback from your fellow participants (peers).

The program is focused on ventures that are the so-called “valley of death” or “pioneer gap” phase, beyond the start-up, but not yet fully established. In order to apply, your technology/product/solution should have a basic proof-of-concept and your venture should generate at least a minimum amount of revenue. If you already run serious revenue (>EUR 1 mio) for the technology/product that you are applying with, you are probably also not eligible.

Over the course of the program, you should expect to put in about 18 days:

  • 6 workshop days in Vienna with the group;
  • 1 day for the local cohort meeting;
  • 1 day for the CEE Impact Day;
  • 8 days to build up your strategy, plan and presentation;
  • About 10-15 hours of mentoring and consultation with experts.

Yes your application and all details provided will be treated confidentially.

We do not ask for specific technical or business details in the application form. If you do not wish to disclose certain information that is requested in the application, let us know.

Since we require all participants to be fully transparent with sharing information during the program, core program staff and participants will sign an (Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at the start of the program.

The fee includes the full program tuition for one venture (incl. 1 or 2 participating team members).

The participation fee includes program materials, online tools, catering, a community membership at the Impact Hub Amsterdam and 10-20 mentoring and/or expert hours.

Not included in the fee is: travel or accommodation costs to attend the sessions.

You submit an awesome application, you can speak with our recruitment and if you’re invited to a Warm-up event, you can of course make a great appearance.

We do not believe in only great pitches and plans though and we do not believe in perfect entrepreneurs.

We appreciate it much more if you’re honest about where you’re at and let us look ‘under the hood’ of your venture and share openly how you want to grow and in what way you could benefit from the program.

Yes. All these: not to consider discriminatory, political, religious, immoral, criminal or illegal activities or activities related to social conflicts; sponsoring of individuals, events and conferences; applicants that do not respect human rights or do not comply with current environmental and social national legislation and international standards (adapted to the local context); activities related to weapons, casinos, drugs, pornography, alcohol, tobacco.

A program for entrepreneurs that create scalable solutions for societal problems